Tarbat Community Hall Group update

October 13, 2023

The Hall Committee would like to update everyone about what is happening with the Hall and Café in the coming months. As you may be aware the current heating system in the Hall is broken beyond repair.  The Hall Committee have been busy working behind the scenes and have managed to secure over £26K in funding towards a new system that will be installed in the coming months. It does leave a shortfall of around £4,200 which we will be fundraising for, so watch this space!

The heating installation will require the Hall being closed for a week, but the Community and Hall Groups will be notified.

As planned several months ago, the Licence for the operation of the Carnegie Café has not been renewed.  Those involved were fully informed of the decision. The Committee wanted to ensure the future of the hall by securing funding to allow the new heating system to be installed. Also, rising utility and operating costs mean the Committee needs to assess these, so we can move forward in the most sustainable way that serves the community.  Therefore there will be a break in Café operations, so please bear with us!

However we would welcome your feedback on the future Café, emails can be sent to

The Hall Committee are a committed bunch of local Volunteers giving up our time to ensure that the Hall and Carnegie Café are run in the best interests of our wonderful little community.

We would all like to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding at this time.